Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sometimes you're on & sometimes you're off : (

Hi there,

Yes, I'm back, again. No excuse, well lots of them, but none that really matter. Sorry, I will try to be better in the future.

So today's title could also have been "sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down"... this has been a weird week. Lots on my mind. You see yesterday, my youngest turned 18. I saw it coming, even said it many times to others like old co-workers, old neighbors, etc., "...and the youngest will be 18 this year". Just like any milestones, we all seem to talk about them beforehand with sort of a "just the news" quality. "I'm starting my new job this Monday", "I'm getting married this fall", "I'm due in 4 months", "We're closing on the house this Thursday", "My first born starts nursery school in 6 weeks"... you get the drift. But some of these things, that are really life changing, we talk about with a strange detachment... we know it's something big that will get a reaction when we share it with someone we haven't seen in awhile.... but when do we really tell ourselves? That's a little different.

OK, maybe I'm not making any sense to you but play along for a minute.

You see, this year that 18 year old will graduate from high school... another thing we all say like "the baby is a senior and going to college in the fall", and for the first time I've really considered ALL that it means!!!! : (

No more "meet the teachers" nights, parent/teacher conferences, class pictures, school plays, recorder practice, field trips, snow days, science fairs, cupcakes for birthdays, permission slips, spelling words, dances, team sports, proms etc. etc. etc. No more life as we now know it. Now that it's finally sinking in, I have sort of a sinking feeling. I've been doing this school mommy thing since the oldest started nursery school in 1989.
It'll be OK.

Maybe it will be good, NO maybe it will be great!!!!! (that's call spin)
No more calls home "missed my bus and need a ride", "forgot my ....homework, lunch, project, gym shorts, book, trip money,etc".
No more calls home from the teacher, the bus company, the nurse, the principal ......

Well it will be, what it will be... OK, good, great...... mostly just different. I guess this will just be part of the journey I'm on this year.

Catch you soon,


PS - Happy Birthday Bill xoxox I love You

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