Thursday, March 4, 2010

Uh oh, serious contemplation...

Oh this journey has some twists and turns. Some days it's harder to keep the faith.

Where do we find our strength? confidence, self esteem?

How do we, can we, know if we are making a good decision, the right decision? for ourselves, in the workplace, for others, for our children....?

Do we learn self confidence in the formative years like the experts say? Nature vs. nurture.... the debate continues.

I think we get chances to reinvent ourselves, if we look for them, and if we take them. Do you tune in to compliments from others?... are you getting the message? do you drink it in, swirl that taste around in your mouth?

One of the best ways to build up someone's confidence is to take the time to let them know about a job well done. All it takes is paying a little attention and looking for the positive. If a child hasn't gotten the praise or recognition they need, it's not over.

Do you know a tween, teen or young adult who isn't making the best of choices? Could it be they aren't valuing themselves enough? Do you have a few minutes to be a positive influence, to really make a difference, to shine a light on someone who really needs it? Find the momemt to be someone's light, especially if they are living in the shadows.

Now take a minute to think about thouse who have helped you find your inner strength.

For me,it's as easy as looking at the company I keep (or keep in touch with). I've got a long list of folks who've helped me to believe in myself.

Today I thank Joann D. for her very kind words. Joann you have influenced my life more than you'll ever know. Thanks for seeing the best in me so I could too.



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