Saturday, February 20, 2010

Still Alive...

Well I'm back!!! I have to say a big THANKS for all the positive responses I received from my first blog. Sorry for the hiatus. I post just once and then disappear for a week and a half (?)... I am so, so sorry. I promise not to let that happen again. Rather than offer a guarantee that I will post every single day, which may not really be realistic, I'll simply promise to post every other day. This way, if I get to post 2days in a row you’ll be pleasantly surprised (she stated humbly).

See, these posts can be educational. What I just did is called “underpromise and overdeliver” in the sales world. Now that’s not to say that I'm selling you my blog... however I suppose I really am. Aren’t we really selling ourselves all the time? That's why we pick the clothes we do, how we do our hair, the car we drive, the makeup we wear; those are all just advertisements for us. So, my blog can serve as a little billboard for me and I hope you're interested in buying into it (me). Sadly, my blog can sell me much better in the virtual world than my personal advertisements might, ie: clothes, car, hair, make up. But, I am a self proclaimed tomboy and what you see is what you get.

Anyway, I promised to get back to everyone about filming Dr. Oz so here's the juicy scoop. This Wednesday, February 24, 2010, on your local Fox station you can tune in to see me, Brian (hubby), Chris, Brian (son), Billy, and Joe on the Dr. Oz Show. Only five of us went to the taping in New York, but you will see Joe in some of the pre-taped footage eating pancakes. We were chosen to try a diet containing foods known to have anticancer properties, and cook our meals from the items on a set list of groceries. We filmed ourselves at home cooking and eating from the suggested recipes they gave us. Then Dr. Oz asked us questions about the ease of purchasing the items, price, taste, etc.

It was a fabulous experience. We got to meet Dr. Oz and chat with him for a little bit (and take pictures). He is a sweetheart and his whole staff is so warm and friendly. To be camera ready, we even went through hair and makeup!!! I’m not sure if I felt like Cinderella or the Cowardly Lion getting primped to meet the great and powerful Oz. Seriously, though, if you get the chance, go online and request tickets to a taping of the show. It’s really worth the time.

In Connecticut, Dr. Oz comes on twice a day on the Fox network, at 10 AM and at 5 PM. Be careful, the 5 PM broadcast will be the episode we’re in and then it is repeated again at 10 AM the next morning... how lucky you could get to watch it twice. If you can't tune in there's always a chance you can go to and find a reference or link to the anticancer diet that may contain a bit of footage with the Kenny family. Today I will be uploading a picture we took while at the show to my Facebook account, and for those of you not yet on Facebook I will send it in an e-mail.

Okay, winding down.

I would sincerely love to hear your comments, but if you prefernot to post them on the blog, you can feel free to e-mail me at I still have my other private e-mail, but I will use this one for blog related business.
I'd also like to know what you’re thinking about and want to hear discussed in a form. The few topics that run through my mind a lot, and I can assure you they'll be included in posts coming up soon, are the unfortunate effects the Internet and technology have had on young people these days. Just because we can, does that mean we should?

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