Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Where to begin....

Sheila Kenny is blogging! Boy is this a shock! Probably as much (or more) for me as for anyone else.

About 4 or 5 years ago an old friend urged me to start a blog and I scoffed. Type? on a regular basis? without being required to? Why in the world would I want to do that? But... I'm a little older, maybe a little wiser, maybe not, and I find myself with things to say that I would like to share. Anyway, that's what my friend Jim was trying to tell me a few years ago. He said that I should be sharing my thoughts, and that he liked things I had to say. So thank you Jim!!!! Sheila Kenny is alive and blogging.

Now if the "alive" thing is troubling you, don't worry. I haven't had any near death experience or anything, and I'm not aware of any rumors that there's a reason to be worried... unless there's something people aren't telling me,... what have you heard? Just kidding. I'm just feeling a bit more alive these days. Is that possible? Feeling more alive? I know it's only been 6 weeks, but 2010 seems to be a truly new year. It feels different. There's a sort of fresh vibe (sorry, not a word I usually use) and already there's a hint of some changes on the horizon. Well, stay tuned, I guess we'll find out together.

Speaking of new and alive... it's after 4 am and I can't sleep. I'm a bit like a kid waiting for Santa. Later today my family (me, hubby and the boys - only 3 out of 4 : ( ) are being picked up to go tape the Dr. Oz show. In fact, right now I'm in a nice hotel in Manhattan because it was too risky to drive in later. Today the northeast is getting snowed in.... and the BLIZZARD, as they are referring to it on the news, is expected to dump 14 - 18 inches of magical, fluffy snow. The city will be beautiful.

OK, now back to Dr. Oz. I've become a faithful fan and watch or record his show daily. He is clearly brilliant, but also clearly sincere. You just know that it is genuine when you watch as he counsels his guests. How refreshing! Anyway, I received a video camera from the show last week so I could record footage of me and my family as we....... wait a minute. I'm not going to spoil it for you. I suppose you'll have to stay tuned to hear and see how it goes. The episode will air in a few weeks, I'll be sure and post the details when I get them.

Well, I think that's enough excitement (and typing) for now. I must get my beauty sleep to be ready for the camera. How long does someone need to sleep before they lose 50 lbs? Never mind, I can't afford this hotel long enough to find out.

I hope you'll join me on this new journey, 2010... big changes... I've been praying for it... something good is coming.... I can feel it.... WOW.

Signing off from my very 1st blog, goodnight, God Bless xoxoxoxo


ps - I feel like I should print a copy of this page and hang it on my fridge at home.


Patti said...

You go, Sheila! I am looking forward to hearing about the showing date. I will be sure to watch! Kaila went to the show a couple of weeks ago and was thrilled to be on camera!

cuevas_k said...

I'm so glad you started a blog! That is great - you write beautifully. I just joined the blogging world myself a couple of weeks ago, I guess great minds really do think alike. Bill & I will definitely be watching you on Dr. Oz. Good luck and enjoy! xox Karina

Gail said...

This confirms you are a riot - you go girl! Good luck - can't wait to see you on Dr. Oz. Watch out Dr. Oz - Sheila is on the air. xo

Anonymous said...

Good luck. I look forward to reading your blog.

Kathryn said...

Good for you Sheila ! You are a riot ! Good Luck ! I look forward to reading more of what you write, because you write as you speak, simply said. Hi, to your family. Can't wait to see you all on Dr. Oz. (He'll probably invite you back to be a regular.)
Love to you, Kat