Monday, February 22, 2010

Okay, so clearly I'm on a journey.

At the risk of sounding like some kind of cult follower, I've been eating differently since I started watching the Dr. Oz Show. Seriously, I've never been a good “dieter” especially when it came to weighing food, planning ahead of time, checking points, etc. Somehow, hearing the messages about cutting out sugars, snacking smart, eating nuts for energy (instead of reaching for a candy bar when you get that sluggish feeling), well the lessons seems to have penetrated my brain. Suddenly I started to shop a little differently. Suddenly I started to snack a little differently. Suddenly I started reading labels, which does make grocery shopping a much longer endeavor. At some point all that reading, changing my grocery lists, paying closer attention to what I put in my mouth, has sort of come together and become the” lifestyle” I am choosing. So far I am down 9 pounds, but that’s not the point.

You see, for me, it's really not about the numbers, my weight or clothing size, but it's about how I feel. It’s not even about how I feel about myself, self esteem, confidence….but more how I physically feel. I was always active, not just a tomboy but even a cheerleader! I never had any really serious issues with weight until about nine years ago. Oh I certainly had that 20-30 pounds post partum that I should’ve dropped (20+ years ago), but nothing like the 80-90 that I need to drop now.

I hate it when I can’t do something because of my weight, it really bothers me. When did I become this fat person? Well I won't bore you with too many details but in 2001 I met with a few medical challenges resulting in the need for medication(s) I’ll take for the rest of my life. Sadly the meds put weight on and on and on and on.

Over the years, I guess I got used to it. But now that I'm feeling a lot more energy and strength (really it’s thanks to the nuts, berries and twigs I’ve been eating) I think it’s time to consider the other half of the "lifestyle" equation. Brace yourself. It’s a very scary word, you may even have heard it before, its’ called exercise! It just might take an exorcism to actually get me to exercise ha ha. Now, now, I'm just kidding. Now I’ve planned to exercise before… bought the clothes, the pretty water bottle, something to tie my hair up with for when I get all sweaty….and then I’m gonna start tomorrow, or Monday, or next week and somehow it just seems to slip away from me. Maybe I need to write it in my appointment book (like everything else these days) so I won’t forget.

Well every journey begins with a single step and I hope mine will be tomorrow.


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