Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter, My Mom & The Robe

The first movie ever filmed in CinemaScope, The Robe was nominated for five Academy Awards in 1953, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Richard Burton. Burton stars as Marcellus Gallio, the Roman centurion charged with overseeing the crucifixion. But when he wins Christ's robe in a gambling game at the foot of the cross, his life is changed forever.

Its inspired story set to a spectacular score, and featuring an all-star cast, including Victor Mature and Jean Simmons, The Robe remains one of the screen's greatest biblical epics.

Happy Easter!!!!!

Jelly beans, Peeps, chocolate bunnies and the robe? I mean "the Robe", the movie. When I was a little girl the only egg hunt I ever did was in our apartment, but I'll never forget my mom and "The Robe".

Our family never watched that much tv, but I clearly remember my Mom's teasing when I would ask her "Is The Robe on yet?" I guess that's when I first learned about double meanings. She would get the biggest kick out of tell me "No, the robe isn't on yet, see?" and of course she would pull at her housecoat to show me. I would explain what I meant and the next time I asked she would do it again. Eventually I would be giggling and trying to explain through my laughter and she would try to keep a serious face and keep playing with me that "the robe isn't on, can't you see?" Boy, do I miss that age of innocence. I was too young to tell time, but I'm not sure how old I was, I'll ask her tomorrow; she has a great memory.

My mom was (is) amazing!!!!! We all (6 of us!!) had beautiful baskets filled with candy from the Easter bunny and I don't know how she did it because we really didn't have money, at least not for splurges.

Next it was off to Church, we all had Easter bonnets, spring coats (as we used to call them), pretty dresses, meticulously pressed, ankle socks with white lace trim, white patent leather shoes, white gloves, curls in our hair (nothing overdone, just a simple ribbon tied around what she called a half ponytail, and of course... frilly panties. That was special fancy underwear to be worn over your normal undies incase your dress blew up, or if you were climbing like a monkey and your undies could be seen.... yup, that was me, the tomboy, even on Easter. My Mom might have her hair done (a real rarity for her) and maybe even wear a corsage.

Again, how did she do it???????

Well hats off to you Mom, or "bonnets" off to you, and of course, HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

I love you,


ps - Is The Robe on yet?

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