Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I love a parade!

Sorry I haven't posted lately, I was sick :(. Feeling better now, thank God.

Well tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and I am very excited. I've only made it to the parade in New York once in the last decade, and I'm going tomorrow. The forecast is 60 degrees and sunny YAY!!!!

My parents were both born and raised in Ireland, making me 1st generation American. For little girls whose parents are from Ireland, taking tap dance and ballet lessons aren't the norm, and frankly weren't on our radar either. Naturally, we all took Irish dancing, but we never gave it much thought, and thankfully, we really loved it.

I danced from the time I was 5 until I was 14. My mom tried to start me at 4, but I wasn't ready to stay in line and listen.... OMG, I'm still the same!

Anyway, this is a short one, but I'll follow up with a St. Pat's Day report.

Take apeak at this.... very cool


nils lofgren on accordion, gets the crowd singing “fields of athenry”
just prior to bruce springsteen beginning “no surrender”
july 12, 2009 LIVE in dublin

If you have an extra minute, check out youtube Stavros Flatly Audition Britain's Got Talent. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Tu0PAbW75A


Have a great day,


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Lianne said...

Hi It's Lianne...How are you? You look beautiful in your photo. I hope you the hubby and the boys are doing great!!